Healthy mind, body and living is a colorful result that comes from a balance between eating healthy and working toward healthy goals. Referenced in my mural is a complete cycle of that. Healthy foods and a healthy mind are depicted on the left while workout tools and exercise is represented on the right, the two make a subtle combination in the middle, between two “minds”, to show unity of both.


Living healthy means that balance is maintained so one experiences an altogether peace from what is inputted into our bodies as well as work that is outputted. The input being food that in turn translates to energy, and the output being work, which in time translates to a

desired bodily state.


Angelina Villalobos


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CONCEPT : From Dusk To Dawn


As an artist my goal is to create imagery that inspires thought. As an activist, my challenge it to invoke action. When sketching for this project I think of my own personal journey through health, fitness, and sound mind; all of which for me are interchangeable. I would like to inspire my audience in these three aspects motivated by my responsibility as an active artist. I embrace the idea that each day presents an opportunity for success, therefore the mural I propose is a sunrise/set titled From Dawn to Dusk.


The design I’ve created is combination of a number of themes. Centered and merged are The Sun and Moon; each signifying a new beginning. Intersecting the image are lines dividing the mural into segments of The Earth, The Landscape, Water, and The Sky. Each segment is uniquely patterned with linework and vivid colors to highlight each characteristics. The Earth symbolizes Foundation. This is one of the first things you learn in any discipline. Next level is Landscape; growing and vibrant, the vegetation signify our need to rise toward the sun. Water crosses over on the other side, signifying the steadfast of our dedication. That we may need to be flexible in how we do things to achieve our goals. Atop is The Sky, split between night and day. This signifies our limitations or lack Therefore of. When our body mind and health align, we can achieve anything.


In order to achieve this imagery, I plan to use a mix between exterior roller paint and spray paint. Both are fast drying and come in the desired color pallet I require. One of the goals unique to me as an artist is I encourage dialogue and hope patrons of the building and neighbors greet me and most importantly talk about the mural. In my observation, watching art in progress creates a sense of ownership and pride in a neighborhood. It is a

responsibility I take seriously when I'm painting to be a positive energy while I’m on site.


I aspire for my mural to engage my audience whether they're pedestrians, commuters, or patrons of the park across the street. Renton is home to lakefront beaches, trails for hiking, and vegetation perfect for an escape from the sun or rain. I want to continue the theme of appreciating Renton's resources by creating a mural that upholds what makes Renton exceptional.



Megan Lingerfelt


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Using public art as a means to inspire growth and personal strength, this project asks locals to look at the fertile ground of Renton’s city center. One of the easiest and most touted choices associated with dedication toward physical self improvement is to take the stairs. Taking literal steps to

climbing towards your goals, stairs are a clear symbol of the mindfulness needed to build healthy habits. Paired with a local staple, the blackberry, and its stages of ripening, this design is about progress and potential. The berries are fully developed, juicy and ripe. The color gradient stairs, overlaid upon the berries, depict the multiple stages of progression necessary for the fruit to evolve into something delicious. Together these two symbols speak of place and perseverance, reminders of the sweet fruits of healthy living in the PNW.



Rick Moreno


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As an artist, I seek out ways to express concepts that exude positive responses and cause my audience to feel inspired in some form or fashion.  Creating a mural as outlined by the theme of this competition, “Strength, Health and Dedication”, is no different.


I wanted to create an appealing mural that would not just reflect and encourage “Strength, Health, and Dedication”, but would do it in a tasteful way and unintimidating way.  I wanted something that would show community pride and reach multiple generations.


I came up with a simple theme, “Fit for life”.   I then associated this theme with our state map and added healthy fruit and wheat which are staples in our state’s resources and promote the ideal of quality nutrition.  I added the iconic natural beauty of Mount Rainier to promote our great outdoors.


The overall “look and feel” of this mural was inspired by vintage postcards of various cities.  Instead of featuring local landmarks of a certain city within each letter spelling out the name of that city, I used the words, “FIT FOR LIFE”.  Within each letter, I feature people doing healthy activities such as sailing on Lake Washington, bicycling, yoga, jogging, tennis, and golf.


The combination of the activities, the fruit and wheat, Mt. Rainier, the map of the state and the words, “Fit of Life”, all work in concert with each other.


For me, this mural will be pleasant to the eye, promote strength, healthy living, dedication and community pride.  If I am commissioned to paint this mural, I will involve my sons to paint this with me.  It will be a bonding experience and one that years from now will look back to as something that we did as a family.  Thank you for your consideration.





RENTON, WA 98057


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