RENTON, WA 98057


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The VIGOR LIFE BUILDING MURAL DESIGN COMPETITION, sponsored by the City of Renton and Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance, is challenging the arts community to design and execute a mural that inspires Strength, Positivity, and Dedication to Healthy Living. What do these ideas mean to you? What symbols come to mind? What colors? What emotions?


Murals have great power. They are so much more than imagery on a wall, they are a statement. They elicit an emotional response from the viewer, and are accessible to everyone. They have the potential to create an atmosphere, impacting not just one space, but an environment and community on several levels. A compelling mural can linger in someone’s mind for years after having seen it.


The VIGOR LIFE BUILDING MURAL DESIGN COMPETITION is looking for an artist who can create a mural that will leave a lasting impression; a mural that will inspire an entire community, from its youngest member to its oldest; a mural that will remind even the healthiest amongst them what it means to be physically and mentally Strong, To Live Healthy. Are you up for the challenge?




Luka Hocevar, owner of Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance has dedicated his life to the idea of living healthy. His gym’s new space, located at 332 Burnett Ave South, Renton, WA 98057, will not only feature a world-class fitness gym, but also a high-end smoothie and health-food shop, chiropractic care, masseuse, and a sports physical therapist. The interior of the building will exude healthy living, so too should the outside.


On the South side of the building is a large blank CMU wall approximately 40’ x 18’ exposed to the street – a blank canvas beckoning for an artist to display what Strength, Health, and Dedication means to them. A canvas offering an opportunity to promote healthy living to the community. The mural will face Tonkin Park and S 4th Street, a major thoroughfare through Downtown Renton. The City of Renton is working to bring more life to the Downtown Core, to make the area more welcoming to pedestrians and drivers, and this mural will be a part of that process.


It is encouraged that artists understand what the business’ beliefs are when it comes to Healthy Living, however the mural is not to act as signage and may not include the business name in its design.






The competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike; however, you must be able to execute your final design on the wall, thus personal mural experience or having an experienced member on the team will be considered in the evaluation of the submission. While all are welcome to submit, travel expenses will not be covered. Submissions may be done by an individual or in teams (maximum 10 members). Participants may submit both as part of a team and as an individual.




Please email competition organizer Sara Davis at KSI Architecture & Planning at sdavis@ksiarchitects.com with your name and contact information to be placed on the competition contact list. There is no fee associated with submitting for the competition.




The muralist(s) awarded the project will receive $6,000 in exchange for executing their design; all supplies will be paid for separately by the building owner, Luka Hocevar.


All other short-listed submissions will receive a $200 stipend for their conceptual design.  All submitted portfolios and contact information will be given to the City of Renton for future mural opportunities, as they would like to continue to encourage murals through the downtown core. The City of Renton has also indicated that short-listed concepts and muralists may be brought in for implementation in 2017-2018; the City of Renton has locations and potential funding available for additional murals.




INITIAL ENTRY: Each entry is to be submitted as a digital pdf, no larger than 20MB. Submittal must be received by 5pm PST on May 1, 2017. Send submissions to sdavis@ksiarchitects.com. Included in the submittal:

- Statement of interest, outlying why you are interested in this mural, and any relevant experience or personal interests. Maximum of two 8.5 x 11  pages.

- Resume.

- Portfolio of work – this may include murals as well as other art pieces. Maximum of 20 pages.


SHORTLISTED SUBMITTAL: The jury will shortlist 3-5 participants based on their Initial Entry Submittal. In submitting for the mural competition, all participants agree that, if shortlisted, they will provide the Shortlisted Submittal Requirements within the schedule’s timeline. Each shortlisted entry is to be submitted as a digital pdf, no larger than 20MB, to sdavis@ksiarchitects.com by 5pm pn May 30, 2017. Included in the submittal:

- Statement of concept. Maximum of one 8.5 x 11 page.

- Statement of what Living Healthy means to you. Maximum of one 8.5 x 11 page.

- Conceptual sketch of proposed mural idea. The conceptual sketch may be in any media desired that the artist best feels will represent their idea, however the final submittal must be presented digitally.




April 17, 2017      Competition Announcement

April 26, 2017      Inquiry Deadline

May 1, 2017         Portfolio Submissions Due

May 12, 2017       Short List Announced

May 30, 2017       Shortlisted Entries Due

June 1 - 8, 2017   Public Voting

June 10, 2017        Awarded Submission Announced at Grand Opening




The evaluation process will be determined at the discretion of the jury. Some considerations:

- Is the idea of Strength, Health and Dedication portrayed?

- Is the “concept sketch” sufficient to understand the final design?

- Does the mural elicit a positive emotional response?

- Does the concept embrace community? Is it representative of the City of Renton’s goals?

- Past works.




Round One:

The jury will shortlist 3-5 submittals based on the Initial Entry materials submitted. The jury will determine which submittals may best be able to carry out the final mural in a way which beautifies the City of Renton and promotes passion for Living Healthy.

The selection will be made by the below listed jurors:

- Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Artist, Professer - Yale School of Art

- Kathleen Warren, Urban Artworks

- Mary Clymer, City of Renton Municipal Arts Commission

- Luka Hocevar, Entrepreneur, Owner of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance


Round Two:

The 3-5 shortlisted participants’ submittals will be published online for public voting. The proposals will be displayed digitally via the competition website (and the public given the opportunity to vote for their favorite submissions.




The selected artist will work with owner Luka Hocevar, the City of Renton, and KSI Architecture & Planning to approve the final design and execute the mural. The mural wall will be fully repaired and prepped prior to the mural being painted. Anti-graffiti coating will be applied over the mural after it’s completed. All supplies will be paid for by the building owner. The mural must be completed no later than August 1, 2017.



download the full competition brief here